Argentina Visa For Indians

Argentina Visa For Indians - Definitive Guide

Procuring a visa for Argentina is easier said than obtained! However, we are committed to helping you in understanding your requirements for the Argentina visa, and providing it at the same time. Argentina visa for Indian citizens, as outlined by the Government of Argentina is categorized into various types, depending upon the purpose.

What is an Argentina Visa?

An argentina visa is issued to the individuals who are not the residents or citizens of Argentina and are willing to visit the country for a given purpose. As per the type of the visa, the holder is allowed to travel to the country for tourism, business, work, education or even for visiting their friends and family members. The validity of the visa and the duration of the stay will differ as per the type and the number of entries permitted. Also, note that having a visa does not ensure you an entry into the country. If the authorities find any issues with the visa or yourself, you may not be allowed to go through the border.


How to apply for Argentina visa for Indians ?

Argentina visa for Indian citizens has been categorized into various sections, covering different aspects. It is granted by the consulate, Mumbai or embassy of Argentina, New Delhi, India. However, there are wide aspects covered in the Argentina visa. Visa for Argentina is granted for the Tourism, Business and Study purpose. Well, the Argentina visa for Indian citizens can be processed offline as well as online. There are certain provisions made to process the application for the Argentina visa online considering certain eligibility criteria. The below details can provide you with a sneak-peek into the procedure.

  • Before filling the application form, one may have to collect all the mandatory documents listed on this page. Once the documents are collected, they need to be first verified by the applicant before submitting ahead to the consulate through an approved consultancy.
  • The suggested time for the submission of an application form is 3 weeks before traveling.
  • The Chief of the Consulate or embassy will analyze and verify the documents as per the checklist.
  • Soon after the documents are verified, the applicant will get a call from the embassy for the personal interview.
  • However, in any case, the applicant is not allowed to skip the personal interview. Any delay or skipping the interview will result in rejection of the application. After the personal interview, it takes up to 5 days for the embassy to grant the visa.

Argentina Visa Types


It is categorized into different categories as, Business, tourist, transit, student, work, journalist, professional, retiree, technical/professional or artist visa. The mentioned categories make the job easier for visitors. However, one needs to carefully recognize the suitable visa meeting their specific purpose.

Argentina Transit visa is required when a traveler is passing through Argentina en route to another country. However, the requirement for Transit visa depends on the nationality. Indians nationals are eligible to apply for a transit visa. The Argentina transit visa requirements can be informed by the airport authorities or the embassy.

Argentina Business Visa - Argentina Business visa is granted for the purpose of carrying out the business activities in the land of Argentina. This is a short-term visa, and hence even if an individual signs a business deal, it necessarily needs to last for up to visa duration.

Argentina Tourist Visa - The Argentina Tourist Visa is a short-term visa, granted for the tourism purpose to those nationals who find mention in the list of countries outlined by the Government of Argentina. There are multiple factors which are considered before granting it. However, it is categorized into the given sections as, Single-entry Argentina visa and Multiple entry Argentina visa.

Argentina Student Visa -It allows those International students to visit the country for educational purposes. This visa is preferred by that student who is willing to spend more than 90 days for the educational purpose. However, before a student applies for the student for Argentina, he/she must acquire a seat in one of the recognized universities in Argentina. It is also offered for research and internship purpose.

Argentina Work Visa-Argentina Work visa is required for those who are willing to visit the country for employment purposes. One needs to understand that the Argentina work visa is required for an internship and work purpose, and is mostly granted by the National Directorate of Migration in Argentina. In a few cases, an invitation letter by the inviting company or institution has to be presented when asked by the consulate or embassy.

Argentina Journalist Visa -Journalist Visa for Argentina is required for those media professionals who are visiting the country for covering a story for specific news. However, the concerned Journalist/Reporter/the certain media professional has to appear in front of the embassy for interview purpose before finally being granted the visa.

Argentina Professional Visa - If you are a technician or a professional artist, then you need an Argentina Professional visa to visit the land of Argentina to explore your art. However, the professional visa is categorized into various categories to meet the traveler’s requirements.

Argentina Technical/Professional/Artist Visa Requirements -As stated above that those if you are a technical professional or an artist then he/she must acquire Argentina Professional visa designed for the visiting purpose.

  • This visa is preferred mostly for paid activities.
  • The requirement for the professional visa is a passport, which must be for up to 6 months since the intended date of travel.
  • Apart from a passport, one must present a properly filled application form, 2 photographs, Letter of Invitation, Business cover letter, Proof of hotel reservation, and strong bank balance to support yourself in Argentina.

Argentina Resident Visa/Family Reunion Requirements - -The permanent visa is applicable for those who fit the below requirements,

  • One must be a parent, spouse or children of Argentina native.
  • Apart from being a relative of your native based in Argentina, one must possess the below-required documents to fulfill the required criteria.
    1. Police records
    2. Proof of immigration status
    3. Passport
    4. Consular Permit
    5. DNI copy of the Argentine relative or permanent resident
    6. Two (2) current photos
    7. Form FSV

Argentina Religious Visa Requirements - The religious visa is required for those who are visiting the country for religious purposes. However, the information below can help you in learning about the requirements for a religious visa.

  • A covering letter, which states the duration and reason for the visit.
  • The applicant must hold a passport, which must be valid for at least six months since the intended date of travel.
  • 2 recent photographs.
  • Invitation letter.

Argentina Medical Visa Requirements - It is specifically designed for those citizens who are willing the land of Argentina for medical purposes. The medical purpose includes treatment from Argentina based hospitals or doctors. The below information will help you in understanding the requirements for a medical visa.

  • The patient must provide the details about the hospital where he/she is seeking medical treatment in the country.
  • If treatment is planned at a public hospital in Argentina then the patient must get the statement signed by the director of the hospital.
  • If the treatment is carried out by a private hospital, doctor or a clinic then one must get the statement signed by the Health Ministry.

Argentina Visa Photo Size

The Argentina visa photo size and other requirements are given below, and the applicant must follow the norms for the photograph to avoid any further corrections after submission of the application.

  • The required size of visa photo: 35 x 45mm i.e Normal Passport Sized Photo.
  • Colour: Colourful photo with a white background.
  • The photographs must cover the entire face, with a centrally aligned position.
  • Background of the photograph: White
  • Smile: No smile, must have a straight face.
  • Eyes: Open & visible.
  • Headgears are not allowed.
  • Must avoid any usage of glares on the glass lenses.

Argentina Visa Processing Time

The Argentina Visa Processing time depends mostly on the verification of the documents. The crucial role of verifying the documents is played by the Argentina Embassy in India. As per what the Embassy demands, an applicant has to submit the application form for certain visa from India, 30 days or 3 weeks prior to leaving for Argentina. To avoid any circumstances that would lead towards delaying your visa, one must produce and present the documents carefully.

Argentina Visa Fee for Indian Citizens

The fees required for the visa applications vary significantly upon the type of permit, duration of stay, number of entries, and so on. The offline application requires that you pay the fees in the form of a demand draft in the name of the Angola embassy. For the e-visa, you can pay the fees when you land in Angola. Since the fees may be subjected to change without prior information, you should ensure that you have the right amount.

Entry Purpose Stay Duration Validity Fees
Single entry Normal Business 30 days 3 months 14800.0
Single entry Normal Study 30 days 3 months 18500.0
Single/Multiple entry Normal Tourist 90 days 3 months 14800.0

Where to Apply for Argentina Visa

Argentina Visa is an offline procedure. Indian nationals who are looking forward to applying for Argentina’s visa must visit the embassy of Argentina in India. However, since this is one of the sensitive procedures, it is recommended to carry out this procedure with the help of professionals who are expert in providing visa services.

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