Latvia Visa

Latvia Visa - Definitive Guide

The Baltic country of Latvia is one of Europe’s most interesting destinations. Being ruled by the Swedish, Polish, Russians, and even the Germans, this nation was only declared complete independence in 1991. The rich culture and heritage left behind has been one of the main reasons why people use a Latvia visa and enter the country.

What is a Latvia Visa?

To enter Latvia, people from most nations will need a permit. However, nationals of other Schengen countries and the visa-exempt nations will not require a permit to enter. Whatever the reason for your visit, there are visas based on these. Latvia, being a part of the Schengen region issues the Schengen category. As a result, you can visit any of the Schengen countries with a Latvia visa. However, if you are issued with an LTV (Limited Territory Visa), you can only visit the countries that are mentioned on your sticker.


How to Apply for Latvia Visa?

The Latvia visa application is done mainly online. The Embassy of the Republic of Latvia has outsourced the visa application to VACs (Visa Application Center). However, before starting the process, you must ensure that you are eligible for the category you are applying for. If you are not eligible for a particular category, you must apply for the type you are eligible for. The process can be done as follows -

  • The first step involves acquiring all the required documents for the specific type.
  • Proceed to visit the website of the Embassy of Latvia in India and fill in the Latvia Schengen visa application form online.
  • Proceed to book an appointment at one of the VACs located across India. You can do this online through their portal, or by calling them.
  • Visit the appointment with the documents, application confirmation, and fees in person.

Note that if you have submitted your biometrics for a Schengen visa in the past 5 years, you may not need to submit it again. In this particular case, you do not have to make the submission in person.

Ensure that you submit only genuine documents and correct information in the application form. Providing fake documents and false information are automatic grounds for visa rejection.

Latvia Schengen Visa Types

Based on the purpose of the visit and the duration of stay, the Latvian permits can be classified as follows -

  • Short term - This is also known as the Latvia Schengen visa, this type is issued for a short period of time of 90 days in a 180-day period. Based on the purpose behind the visit, these can further be classified as the following -
    • Tourist -This is for people whose main purpose for the visit is to take part in tourist activities such as sightseeing, leisure activities, adventure activities, and so on.
    • Business -This permit allows you can travel to Latvia to take part in business-related activities such as meetings, conferences, etc.
    • Visit - This type of visa is issued for people who have been invited to visit their family members or friends living in Latvia.
    • Study - This type is issued for individuals who are visiting Latvia to take part in short term studies, training, research and other educational activities for a short period.
    • Cultural - This is for people who are visiting to take part in cultural events.
  • Long term ‘D’ - This is more commonly known as the national visa, and is issued for periods longer than 90 days. Based on the purpose, these can also be classified as the following-
    • Work - This is granted for people who are entering the country to take part in employment.
    • Study -This is issued for students entering Latvia to take part in academic activities that last longer than 90 days.
    • Family Reunion -This type is for people who are visiting their family living in Latvia and staying with them for a long period.

Documents Required for Latvia Visa

The following are the list of documents you would need to apply for the Latvia visa from India. However, these are only general documents. Depending on the specific type, you will need particular documentation.

  • A valid passport
  • Covering letter stating the details of the visit
  • Travel itinerary
  • Medical travel insurance coverage up to at least 30000 Euros
  • Proof of occupation/employment/student status
  • Financial documents to show proof of funds to support the stay.

Ensure that you carry all the original documents to the appointment centre. However, you will only have to submit photocopies of some of these. Also, ensure that all the documents are translated into English.


Latvia Schengen Visa Photo Requirements

  • Dimensions: 35mm X 45mm
  • Colour: Coloured
  • Head must occupy the central position
  • Must be captured within the last 3 months
  • Background: Solid, plain white or grey
  • 80% face coverage
  • Neutral expression
  • Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription glasses
  • Headgears - only for religious reasons
  • Facial hair - permitted

Latvia visa fees for Indian citizens

The fees for the permit depends on several factors such as the category of the visa, the duration of visit, the entry types, biometric charges, as well as other service charges. It can also vary upon the foreign currency rates. As a result, it is necessary to check the exact fees before applying.

Latvia visa processing time

The time for processing depends on a large number of parameters such as the number of entries, the type of the visa, the volume of applications at the embassy, and so on. In normal cases, you can expect it to be processed in about 10 days. However, these can increase depending on the factors mentioned. As a result, it is advised that you apply for the permit well in advance.

Latvia Schengen Visa Status

While you are waiting for your permit to arrive, you can perform the Latvia visa status check online by visiting, and enter your reference number and date of birth. You can also check the Latvia visa application status by contacting your travel agency. Alternately, you can opt for SMS notifications by the VAC.

Where to Apply for Latvia visa?

The online visa application for Latvia is done at the website of the embassy. The submission of documents is done at the VAC. the VACs are located across India in the metropolitan cities. Even though the application is done at the VAC, the processing is done by the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia.


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